About Alain Templeman

Serial entrepreneur Alain Templeman tends to have several projects under development at once. He creates and operates various businesses and invests in others. One of the first XanGo, LLC, distributors, he also founded Frontline Executive Search in 2006. The company focused on executive searches for U.S. banks and other financial institutions. Alain Templeman grew the business from a one-man startup to a staff of more than 20, assisting the business in accruing an annual revenue of $2 million.

Currently, Alain Templeman serves as President and CEO of RecruitHire.com in American Fork, Utah. An online recruiting marketplace, the vendor-management tool matches recruiters with employers, saving businesses in hiring costs and recruiters in time. Easily navigated and free to use, RecruitHire.com supports approximately 10,000 registered recruiters and employers. Alain Templeman oversees operations and marketing for the firm. He also fulfills general management responsibilities.

In addition, Alain Templeman founded mPowering Networks in 2009, a personal finance management (PFM) enterprise. The company sells PFM software to individuals and financial institutions that allows users to see where their money goes and how their investments perform, and assists in designing realistic budgets. The program also analyzes current spending trends and suggests improvements, providing objective advice on saving money and growing wealth. mPowering Networks offers anonymity and employs top data-security methods. Alain Templeman directs the company’s operations and marketing.

At Brigham Young University, Alain Templeman excelled in academics while earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. A supporter of The American National Red Cross and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, he also serves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Outside of professional, charitable, and religious pursuits, Alain Templeman enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking, playing baseball, and running marathons.


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